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Custom Machinery

From fully automated machines to a simple stainless table,  A.E.G works with the customer to provide the best solution. Whether it’s a single piece or multiple pieces - we can build it.

We manufacture custom fillers, platforms, dumpers, gantries, bottle washers and rinsers, and indexers just to name a few. We will design and build to exceed your specific and unique needs. In addition, F.A.T.’s are done before any equipment leaves our premises.


Our servo driven filler can accurately deposit your product. Flexible design can handle liquids, purees and particulates.

Dumpers & Lifts

Our dumper is built to dump your totes up to a height of 8’. Our basic column design can be altered to fit your tote or be made to lift any product.

Industry Specific Solutions

Different industries have unique products which require creative solutions. We cater to your specific needs to provide a custom machine.

Gantries & Mezzanines

We are able to build any gantry and mezzanine needed to optimize your production flow. Consult our team for solutions to improve your production layout.


Our custom rinser is designed to accommodate your containers and bottles. We can integrate our rinser into an existing line or supply with a full system.

Accumulation Tables

From rotary style to modular chain, a custom accumulation table from us will improve product flow and keep your lines running. Contact our team today!


We will design and build custom indexers for your trays. Contact our team to discuss your application.

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