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Whether you need a complete line solution or just a section, A.E.G. provides unprecedented craftsmanship and quality of service to all our customers. A.E.G.’s superior standards, industry knowledge and design expertise allow us to facilitate all our customers’ unique equipment needs.

We take into account; customer labour costs, floor space, power requirements, line speeds and repeatability before offering design solutions.

Beginning with a consultation, we identify problems and develop solutions. We are able to rapidly design and initiate plans to get you the right equipment.

Built with quality and cost effectiveness as a key consideration, our conveyors are manufactured and installed by a highly skilled and experienced team.

A.E.G. is available to remove existing equipment and install upgraded solutions.

From inception to completion in all facets, A.E.G. provides exceptional project management services to support and implement our design solutions.

We provide on- site welding and fabrication as well as program modifications, maintenance and repair.

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