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About Us

A.E.G. Industrial Designs takes pride in supplying quality conveyors and machinery solutions to manufacturers.


A.E.G. has been providing professional consulting and project management services to the food, beverage and manufacturing industries since 2007. Our mobile nature and fast response time allow us to provide unique solutions for all circumstances.


Our team has a history of providing turnkey solutions to improve efficiencies for production lines and equipment through projects ranging from small line enhancements to large multi-million dollar corporate initiatives.


Our approach brings innovative, value-driven, result-oriented designs, which have been developed through years of experience in providing cost-effective customizable solutions. We are committed to engineering and design excellence.


A.E.G. Industrial Designs began as a result of the need to find custom fabrication solutions for manufacturing processes.

A.E.G. Industrial Designs had humble beginnings delivering custom solutions and has grown to be a multi-faceted dynamic team meeting the needs of global manufacturing facilities.

In providing cost-effective solutions to manufacturing needs with expertise, A.E.G. Industrial Designs continues to expand its services and customer base. Our clients trust us as we continuously communicate along the process of meeting their needs making a difference while creating personal connections. 

A.E.G. Industrial Designs believes that our quality products, knowledgeable staff, and innovative solutions have propelled the growth of our company and we are passionate about meeting the unique demands of today's manufacturing facilities.

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